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10 Facts About The 5Rs

Fact Number 1

It's all about a revision year approach, except we don't have a year in FE, 30 weeks if you are lucky!

Fact Number 2

If you repeat what happened at school, you’ll just get the same result; the post-16 class has to look, feel and sound different to a year 11 experience.

Fact Number 3

Students need to value GCSE maths, believe that they can pass it with you, and then put some effort in.

Here's a video to explain more...

Fact Number 4

Students have seen all of the maths before – it’s just that they can’t do it all yet… a 5Rs resit approach is all about revision – the 5Rs approach teaches students how to revise.

Fact Number 5

Students with a grade 3 in GCSE maths will have some gaps in the 9 basics of maths:

+ - x ÷ ½ 0.5 50% 1:100000 1:3

The 5Rs approach finds the gaps very quickly and then plugs them.

Fact Number 6

Students do not need to cover any new topics – they do not need to get 100% in the exam. Sort out the basics with the 5Rs approach then move on to tackle misconceptions. That is enough!

Fact Number 7

Chief Examiners Reports from June and November exams tell us everything about mistakes and problems that students have in exams – the 5Rs uses these to avoid common exam difficulties.

Fact Number 8

Students commonly make numpty errors in the first 8 questions of each of the three papers; a focus on exam technique with the 5Rs reduces the likelihood of these silly errors and maximises early marks.

Fact Number 9

The DfE have a statement in the Subject Specification saying ‘any valid mathematical method’.

The 5Rs approach works on a range of alternative mathematical methods that aid students who cannot add fractions or struggle with their times tables with some unique methods on an exciting new 5Rs video channel – in the words of Bananarama:

‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it’

Fact Number 10

Whilst exam results in GCSE maths resits are historically low, for every one of student that does pass… It is 100% success for them and opens so many more doors that would commonly be shut.