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5Rs Online is a dynamic GCSE maths curriculum delivered for you, to be given wholly to students, to be delivered by you online or to be delivered face-to-face with your learners. It consists of 30 weeks delivery with work set for Monday to Friday to implement an inspirational daily maths routine. There are optional pathways for November resit opportunities, catch up maths and Functional Maths delivery. 5Rs Online is also suitable for Yr 11 in preparation for June 2021 exams.

Following the principles of the 5Rs curriculum model this very effective practice, primarily for Resit students but also suitable for year 11 students, has moved into an online space. The 5Rs principles are as follows:

  • Students have seen all of the maths before; they just can’t do it
  • It’s all about revision…re-visioning the maths and seeing it differently, second time around
  • A little bit of maths every day – just 30 minutes – will pay dividends
  • If it looks, feels or sounds like school maths you’ll just get the same result
  • Any valid mathematical method will gain the marks
  • The nine basics of maths are key to success (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, scale and ratio)
  • Exam technique is a big focus for improvement
  • The only way to get good at maths… is to do loads of maths!

Focused 15

As there are a number of synergies between the two models, 5Rs has also joined with the designer of The Focused 15 - another delivery mechanism, grounded in research, known to have very effective outcomes.

So, take the stress out of your GCSE resit or intervention delivery – let Julia Smith (@tessmaths) and Emma Bell (@El_Timbre) take the strain and deliver a quality product for your students…leaving your staff to apply effective tracking and mock assessments as well as administer systems for calculated grade approaches. This may also be a way in which staff can be supported in online delivery by showcasing an effective and impactful teaching product.

Delivery Mechanism

Each week for 30 weeks you’ll receive access to a padlet for unique use with students. It will contain a Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 learning activity focusing upon a different revision topic each day. The learning activity will follow each of the 5Rs model – recall, routine, revise, repeat and ready which are easy for students to comprehend and apply. The daily activity will be a mix of videos, tips and tricks, motivation ideas, revision suggestions, exercises and topic-based activity.

Padlet Delivery

The padlet content is engaging, quirky, relevant and pertinent to the maths topic and the qualification. It is built upon sound mathematical research taking influence from the Swan principles, spaced and interleaved practice, Ebbinghaus forgetting curve analysis, as well as drawing influence from Dylan Wiliam with the student being the architect of their own learning. It draws upon Chinn with the emphasis upon finding an appropriate maths method to suit the student. Within prior 5Rs delivery, padlet use has been found to engage students easily and they like the routine of the 5Rs approach. During the 5Rs research trial the padlets engaged students with thousands of daily hits. Students only need one url to access the daily maths.

The research behind The Focused 15 highlighted the topics for GCSE that, if mastered, can give students useful maths skills for life, as well as enough content to pass their GCSE exam. The padlets will draw upon this research too.

Half-termly Teacher Training

There will be a webinar every half term for teachers…to discuss the approach…to discuss the engagement…to consider resources and what steps are next. The 5Rs model will support teachers in their delivery and provide effective teacher training as a bi-product of the delivery.


Individual Teacher licences will cost £150 per teacher. That is £1 per day for effective maths work for learners. Further licences for November pathways, catchup maths and Functional maths are available at a rate of £100 per teacher if the GCSE licence is purchased first.

@Tessmaths and @El_Timbre…the trainers

Julia Smith is a GCSE maths resit specialist; an Expert Panel member with AQA; a speaker at National Events; a Maths Teacher Trainer for multiple organisations and Author and co-writer of many books, articles and publications; BBC Bitesize contributor and rabid tweeter @tessmaths.

Emma Bell is a specialist in GCSE maths resit research, with a focus on the motivation and engagement of students and staff alike. She has been a Credible Specialist for Pearson with regards to their Post 16 offer, delivering training internationally. She tweets @El_Timbre.

Expression of Interest

You are invited to express your interest in joining 5Rs online. Please send your contact details to Julia Smith email: tessmaths1@gmail.com stating what interest you have, which pathway and for how many licences. This will be followed up with a sample padlet. I’m happy to answer any queries that you have and I look forward to taking the 5Rs online.